Fix wordpress website from malware

By | April 28, 2019

I have a list of quick fixes you need to know if you are owner of wordpress based website and your website get some ranking over search engines.

Basically malware attack on those sites which get are ranking currently or have some chances of getting ranked on good searchable keywords.

Few examples of malware infected wordpress websites.

  1. Changing of website admin login details. (user name and password you have will expire because malicious code
  2. had change the login details and had gotten control over your website )
  3. Not loading of js,css in the wordpress admin dashboard is also a symbol of infected website.
  4. Unusual popup ads on the website
  5. Blank index page

And some other issues as well which means your website is infected or compromised.

So how to remove malware from website?

Here are the steps, to clean your website and infected files right now.

  • If your website admin login details are changed just login to your website cpanel ,go to phpmyadmin section , and then users table and remove the strange email which is malicious one , and add your email and generate an 18 digit password .


  • Go to Cpanel databases section, change the database user and its password. (because all the data ,passwords are infected on website now so we have to change every password related to our website. Restrict website files permissions to read only mood , put a rule in htaccess including your home ip address, as only you could login to your wordpress website dashboard.


  • If your website looks blank then replace index.php from with download a new wordpress setup and open its php file and replace it with your website index.php file.(mostly malicious code is inserted in the index.php for triggering other files of the website)


  • If your website js, css not loading try to get a backup from your webhosting provider and restore it at your website , because without loading css and js you cant see anything working properly so its necessary to restore the backup and after that protect your website by following some rules and plugins installation.

If your are facing unusual popup ads on the website   install  wordfence security plugin and scan your website.Remove infected and extra files though this plugin.

I Hope my this effort could solve your issues related to wordpress malwares attacks.





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