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By | April 21, 2019

Almost all the free themes included a link in footer which redirect us to the theme developer agency/company website, and we have no option in dashboard for removing copyright link from footer.

So if you are looking for this solution you are at right place, I will guide you about removing the copyright link from the theme footer.

Removing copyright text from theme footer

  • Login to your wordpress website dashboard


  • Hover ( Point mouse on )Appearance and click the theme editor ,

Warning: now you are entering in the theme core files so don’t remove  anything from here without proper understating.

Click I understand and move forward to remove the copyright bar.

  • After clicking I understand you will see a list of theme files in the right side of the website

Found the theme footer folder and edit footer.php ,  found the copyright text .

The footer.php is highlighted in the below screeshot.

Open your website, do inspect element capture the “copyright footer class name” and search it into the footer.php

After finding it, remove the copyright div from the file and save it.


How to inspect element?

Click the F12 and a section will open below in which you will see the html of the particular website page. You may apply css as well through inspecting the elements.





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