How to use a widget, all over the website in WordPress?

By | February 14, 2020

If you are making some tricky layouts you need to know about the usage of some best plugins which can make your work easy.

For example, you are writing any post or making a page in your WordPress website and wish to add widget elements there, how you will do that?

Let suppose you want to add a search bar between post content, how it’s possible to put a search box between the post?

Here is a screenshot where I have spotted the area for the search box

best layout customization

Or you want to show post categories, primary or secondary menu in the post.

No doubt these could be done through some coding, but if you don’t know how to write code you still do these types of tasks by using plugins.


I have figured out a plugin that could help you integrate any widget anywhere throughout the website or throughout the post. As we all know that widgets contain navigation menu, search bar, calendar, archives and categories, some text widgets, etc.


Here is plugin “ amr shortcode any widget”

make any widgets as shortcode

After installation and activating this plugin you need to go to the widget’s sections, all your active widgets have a shortcode now, you can easily use those shortcodes throughout the website.

Here is a screenshot of all the active widgets before plugin activation.

wordpress widgets area

Active widgets section after installing and activating the plugin:

wordpress widgets shortcode

You can copy these shortcodes and can use them anywhere easily.

Here is the screenshot where I have used a search box and categories shortcodes between the content, now these both shortcodes will dynamically pull search box and categories from widget area and will show them here in the post.

adding search and categories in post or page

Here is how the post is displayed now

Search box and categories


I hope this article would help you in designing pages or post layouts as per your requirements.

Thank you.



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