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By | February 26, 2020

WordPress basics (Header, Footer, Posts, Pages, Menus, Widgets, and sections)

We have installed WordPress successfully and now moving towards designing and developing a website.

For website designing and development through WordPress, you need to know about Header, Footer, Posts, Pages, Widgets, and Sections usage in WordPress. So, let’s cover this first.


Header: Dealing with any type of website, the header is the top area where the menu’s and company logo is located.

The screenshot is attached here, the spotted area in red is the header of the website.

website header

Footer: Footer is the area where we generally put privacy policy, social links and subscription forms. but you can arrange anything there like recent posts, post calendars or posts archives.

Screenshot of sample footer is attached here:

wordpress website footer


Posts and post categories: If you are dealing with blog websites, posts are related to the website content, regular updates about your agency could be A POST. WordPress allowing its users to use posts dynamically, WordPress itself arranges everything, you just need to write the post and selected the category of the post, if you have not added any category then posts will go to the uncategorized default category.

Screenshot is attached below, showing how to add the post or post category

wordpress post category

If you want to add the post category here is the screenshot to follow.


add post category in wordpress


Insert all the required info in the given boxes if you are not selecting the slug it will automatically arrange slug with category name.

You can select the parent category if you want to make it as a child category. All the previously added categories will be shown in the dropdown.

I have added a category named course; a screenshot is attached below.

post category example



For adding a post, you need to click on the add as spotted in the screenshot

adding post in wordpress

Add the title of the post and for the description, you have a good number of tools provided by WordPress, like in MS word but here HTML view is also provided which is not included in the MS office

Here is a screenshot of some description blocks that will appear when you click on the description portion for writing the post description.

The screenshot is given below, In which I have spotted block sections for writing any post or page description, you can use a color of the text which is also spotted in the red on the right side

wordpress blocks for post


At the right there are two tabs are appearing first is for description blocks and second is related to the post properties like you can assign a category to the post or give tags for the SEO purposes or you are giving a featured image to the post which always appears with the post etc.

A screenshot is given below

wordpress post attributes


Media: Media is used for storing images and files

Pages: You can easily add pages WordPress website or can view previously added pages, the screenshot is given for easy understanding about adding pages.

add pages in wordpress website


Pages are also added as we have added posts so follow the same pattern to add pages. (paid themes and plugins provide page builders for designing best layouts, some examples of paid themes are BE THEME, AVADA THEME, and pages builders like WP BAKERY, MUFUN BUILDER, ELEMENTOR PRO, etc. )

Well, I have added two sample pages and now we are moving towards adding those pages in the header menu.

wordpress menu adding



Just clicked to the menu for adding the pages into the menu but found that adding the pages in the menu is disabled and we have not found any menu, so we need to create the menu first, it’s quite easy to input button is given for the menu name you just need to enter the menu name we are giving it name as header menu.

wordpress pages menu


After adding the menu, we are redirected to the following page. The screenshot is given below. We have Menu items on the left side it means we can add a post, pages, categories or even custom links.

wordpress website menu links


You just need to select and add in the particular menu and save it.I have added previously made pages into the primary header menu and save it.

The screenshot is given below

wordpress menu adding


And here is the menu appearing in the header with particular pages. I have spotted the pages with the red color.

wordpreess website header linksa

Widgets: widgets are used to show something (some text, menu, categories, pages, or any particular sections) on the layout. It further depends upon the theme; some themes use widgets all over the website and in some themes, widgets are used only for right or left sections in the page or for the footer.

Here is a screenshot for approaching to the widgets

wordpress widgets

And here is a screenshot of all the widgets and widget areas,

You have a list of available widgets you can use any of the widgets by dragging it into the footer section which is spotted into the right.

wordpress website widgets customization


You can also customize the footer by using the customize tool.

Customize tool: Customize is used for customizing the page layout by previewing the live changes, you can do changes in the header, footer, sections or you can set the color, add images in the layout through this tool.

The screenshot is attached below

wordrpess customization edits



wordpress website devepopment

kindly remember that a free WordPress theme has limited access to customizing the header, footer, and other sections as compared to the paid theme.







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