Difference between WordPress paid and free themes

By | February 12, 2020

Overview of WordPress:

WordPress is the most famous PHP CMS with a huge number of customization tools more than any other CMS has. WordPress had made a revolutionary change in traditional website design and development done through custom coding. With WordPress, just follow drag and drop steps to design and develop your WordPress website easily.

Previously WordPress was only developed for the blogs, but due to huge demand and people’s interest, WordPress has extended its technology towards e-commerce and business websites. Now WordPress is covering almost all the areas.


WordPress is providing 4 free themes by default; you will see all those themes by just installing WordPress on your localhost or live server.

As most of the designers and developers and software development agencies felt that WordPress is growing day by day, they started designing interactive themes with enhanced development kits.

Now we have three types of WordPress themes:

  1. Free WordPress themes
  2. Half free WordPress  themes
  3. Paid WordPress  themes

Free WordPress themes:

These types of themes are provided freely by developers or development agencies. Every free theme has a unique look and feel and different tools management for providing more easiness in WordPress customization.

All free themes are tested by WordPress and then uploaded on the WordPress website, so if you are looking for a free theme you can download it easily.



Half free WordPress themes: These types of themes are also provided free, in these themes certain customizations options are kept disabled. If you want these those options enabled you to need to purchase the theme license. If you are not purchasing the license you can still use it free as free themes.

Advantages of using free themes and Half free WordPress themes: These features may vary from theme to theme.

  • Unique design with header footer customization options.
  • Advanced kits for customizing widgets, texts, images
  • Documentation and help guide for the themes for easy understanding.


wordpress free theme 2020



  • Limited options for customization as compare to paid themes
  • Footer is always copyrighted with theme provider link
  • Limited online support by the theme providers
  • Not enough scalable to use it for multiple niches
  • You wouldn’t be able to import sample websites demo
  • Limited widgets, footer and header customization options
  • Compatible with WordPress and PHP new updates


WordPress Paid/premium themes:

Paid themes are on high demand nowadays, these types of themes are designed and developed by keeping a necked eye on the world trends and needs in every field.

A paid theme consists of high-quality paid plugins which create more easiness and reusable layouts for the websites. A proper guideline and efficient customization kit are also added with paid themes are a newbie also could do changes in the website. Most of the Premium themes give demo list of websites related to all the fields (I.e. business website demo, e-commerce website demos, and health-related websites demo, etc.) you can import the demo data in your website and easily customize it within few hours.

Advantages of premium WordPress themes:

  • New design according to world trends.
  • Extended customization tool kit with multiple headers and footer options.
  • Serval demos websites for easy understanding and making website layout.
  • Paid plugins bunch, for adding more features are included in paid themes.
  • Online ongoing support by theme provider team
  • Compatible with WordPress and PHP new updates

extended panel in paid themes



  • Paid themes are costly
  • License restriction, you can’t use one theme on serval domains.
  • Complexity in using widgets due to more widgets working for similar tasks.

Which free theme do I need to select?

You need to select the free theme which gets updated with every WordPress update, its strongly recommended that you need to have an updated version of WordPress at your website, and most of the free themes don’t get updated by developers on regular WordPress updates.

These updates are needed for security purposes.



I hope you all have got the concept of free paid WordPress themes clearly.

Thank you.



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